At Intigia we are experts in DO-178 and DO-254.
We develop avionics up to DAL A and help our clients to comply with aeronautical safety standards.

Avionics and Safety
At Intigia we are experts in developing avionics in compliance with DO-178C and DO-254.

We can take the ownership of your project from system level (ARP-4754A) to implementation (DO-178C/DO-254):

  • FHA and Safety Assessment
  • Design of the system architecture
  • Conceptual and Detail Design
  • Elaboration of Life-Cycle Data

We are specialized in high-speed processing on FPGAs for Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing, Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection and Sensor Fusion.

V-model and Reverse engineering
Intigia can help you to comply with DO-178C and DO-254 following the standard V-model life-cycle or by Reverse Engineering.
While V-model is our choice for clean new products, we employ Reverse Engineering to create all the required life-cycle data required by DO-254 for your legacy products.

Use case – Certifiable IP cores
In Intigia we have developed tens of certifiable IP cores up to DAL A for Software Define Radio and Image Processing:

  • Fast ADC interfaces through CSI and JESD204 
  • Pipelined Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Digital Down/Up Converters
  • Multirate filters
  • Video encoders
  • Bayer, defective pixel, AWB, AE
  • Image sensor interfaces
  • OpenCV hardware accelerators
We design the IP cores and produce all the life-cycle data necessary to satisfy DO-254 objectives

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