About us

Who we are?

We are an engineering company specialized in dependable embedded systems: embedded software, hardware, and FPGA/ASIC.

What we do?

We provide engineering services to develop and verify embedded systems in compliance with functional safety standards.

Why working with us?

Our experienced team provides our clients with the extra capacity and know how that they need from minute zero with no fixed costs.

Intigia is an engineering company specialized in dependable embedded systems. We are members of Xilinx Alliance thanks to our 22 aggregated years of experience in FPGAs, SoCs, ASICs, hardware and embedded software.

We develop DSP, computer vision & AI on embedded systems for real time and safety critical applications helping our clients to comply with their quality and safety standards in aerospace, defense, telecommunications and industrial markets.

Intigia has been involved in many projects within avionics, defense, space, telecommunications, industrial applications and automotive. The project contents range from sensor interface, encryption and error correction to image processing and high end data communication.