At Intigia we help our clients in the space sector to develop embedded systems compliant with ECSS.
We work with different technologies to guarantee the success of the project

IP cores for space
At Intigia we develop high-performance low-SWaP embedded systems based on FPGAs and System on Chips (SoC) following ECSS life-cycle.

Our skilled design team has the right experience to develop SoCs for space:

  • Development of bootloaders
  • OS and RTOS porting (RTEMS, uC/OS, Linux)
  • SoC design balancing software and hard acceleration
  • IP core development and integration in SoCs
Intigia’s team have successfully developed tens of IP cores in these domains:
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for SatComs
  • Computer Vision for Earth Observation (EO)
  • Image Signal Processor (ISP)
  • Kalman Filter accelerators for Sensor Fusion
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection to prevent accidents

Edge AI in space applications
Intigia is specialized in Artificial Intelligence at the Edge (Edge AI) on SoCs. We develop small factor Edge AI that analyzes data onboard and makes critical decisions in real time. 

Identify and discard cloudy images onboard can save about 30% of bandwidth in LEO

Use Case – SDR IP cores for SatComs
In Intigia we have developed multiple Digital Signal Processing (DSP) IP cores for Software Define Radio (SDR) systems used in Satellite Communications (SatComs):

  • Fast ADC interfaces through CSI and JESD204 
  • Pipelined Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Digital Down/Up Converters
  • Multirate filters
We develop IP cores according to ECSS 60 and produce all required deliverables

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