Predictive Maintenance

Intigia develops Predictive Maintenance powered with Artificial Intelligence that reduces downtime and costs.
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Intigia develops Predictive Maintenance systems powered by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts failures before they happened.

We develop embedded systems that read data from sensors around the machine to measure its performance, process this data using Edge AI and monitor its condition to detect anomalies and predict failures before they occur.

Our platform is robust, easy to adapt and can work without connection to the internet. It is the perfect match for industrial assets due to its small size and power consumption.


According to IBM the benefits of predictive maintenance can be huge for your company:

“28.3% increase in the productivity of maintenance
20.1% reduction in equipment downtime
19.4% savings in the cost of materials
17.8% decrease in inventory maintenance and repair
14.5 months payback time”

How it works
We develop Predictive Maintenance systems based on electronic devices installed into machines or industrial assets. This embedded device reads data from PLCs and sensors and analyze it using AI in real time to monitor the condition of the device and detect if it is going to fail in the near term.

We use advanced Time Series Analysis and Deep Learning (Edge AI) to detect anomalies in the operation.

Finally, the system displays insightful information on dashboards using local communications.

Our main advantages are highest robustness, no need of internet connection, faster response and easy to install.

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