Industry 4.0

At Intigia we help our clients in industry to develop embedded systems to automate processes and save costs. We work with different technologies to guarantee the success of your project

Save costs, monitor and control

Intigia combines Artificial Edge with Industrial IoT to help you to reduce costs and defects.

Our predictive maintenance platform help you to reduce downtimes and inventory costs.

We connect your machines and product lines so that you can control them from your mobile phone securely.

Our technology can transform your old machinery into automated systems with a better control reducing manpower and power consumption.

According to IBM the benefits of predictive maintenance can be huge for your company:

“28.3% increase in the productivity of maintenance
20.1% reduction in equipment downtime
19.4% savings in the cost of materials
17.8% decrease in inventory maintenance and repair
14.5 months payback time”

Use case – Retrofit of an old machine

Intigia develops automatization kits which are flexible and easy to adapt to different applications. Install one into your old machine to transform it into an smart system with improved controls, reduce power consumption and monitor from your phone.

Our automazation kits provide:

  • Field buses to read data from sensors and PLCs.
  • Processing board that uses Artificial Intelligence for :
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Computer vision for automated quality inspection
  • Cloud connectivity to upload metrics
  • Dashboards to display insightful information

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