Image Signal Processor

Intigia is a design company specialized in IP cores and SoC design for safety critical applications
Our IP cores are written in human readable HDL code and vendor independent

Intigia’s engineering team has a long track record in Image Signal Processor (ISP) projects for safety critical applications. We offer a wide range of IP Cores for a variety of applications from basic building blocks to more complex systems.

Intigia’s ISP pipeline is designed for digital processing and image quality enhancements of an input video stream in embedded designs based on SoC and FPGA devices. Our ISP IP cores are written in ‘human-readable’ HDL source-code and are completely technology independent. They accept video with multiple input formats fom different sensors.

Our portolio includes:

  • Defective Pixel Correction
  • Bayer Color Filter Array
  • Auto White Balance
  • Auto Exposure
  • Color Correction Matrix
  • Gamma Corrections
  • Image Enhancement
  • YCbCr to RGB Color-Space Converter
  • RGB to YCbCr Color Space Converter
  • Chroma Resampler
  • Bit block transfer

ADAS, Surveillance, Video Streaming, small factor smart cameras

Our IP cores are vendor independent. We have tested them on Xilinx devices Zynq 7 and Zynq Ultrascale.

Our development methodology is designed to minimize pitfalls and risks early in the project, based on automated quality assurance processes. Ask us about compliance with safety critical standards (DO-254, ISO 26262, ESCC).

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